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Installing Wall Panelling – easy step by step guide

Wall panelling is by far our most popular product, with Instagram users sharing their wall panelling transformations there are so many designs and options to choose from making this a very popular interior design option.

North Kent Timber makes transforming your home’s interior easier than ever before. Simply select your favourite wall panel design, then decorate in your desired style and colour.

Don’t be put off if you’ve never done it before: with a little know-how, you can easily and quickly create decorative wall panels in your home that look professional and add warmth and character to any property.

What do I need to get started:

  • MDF (Standard MDF or Moisture Resistant MDF depending on which room you are decorating) Get your MDF cut to size by providing North Kent Timber with your cutting list or choose from our standard MDF Panelling kits on our website Timber Sheet Materials & Panel Products – North Kent Timber
  • No more nails
  • Sander
  • Spirit Level
  • Paint of choice
  • Tape Measure & Pencil

Step 1 – Planning is Key

Choose your design. A great place to start is Instagram which has so many design options and great ideas to get you started.

Use your tape measure to work out the full width and height of the wall you are deciding to panel.

Decide how many panels you want and remember to include the top and base panels (the MDF frame) as well as vertical and horizontal panels.

Step 2 – Build your cutting list

Using these measurements and your design choice work out how much MDF Panels you require. Alternatively speak to us at or 01322 515445 and we can calculate this for you. We have a bespoke cutting form on our website and are always happy to assist with this.

Once you have your MDF cut you are ready to prepare the surface for install.

Step 3 – Preparing the wall

To avoid uneven or bumpy panelling sand down your wall with sandpaper or an electric sander. This will make the contact adhesive work better connecting to a nice flat even surface.

Step 4 – Apply your MDF panels

First add the base and top panel using no more nails (or alternative strong adhesive). Ensure you use a level to make sure the MDF panel is straight. Apply strong adhesive to the back and apply to the wall. Press down firmly and leave to dry.

Then you can move onto your pre-cut side vertical MDF panels, which should fit in neatly between your top and bottom rails. Use your spirit level to ensure they are straight before sticking them to the wall.

You can now add the horizontal MDF panels in-between, again using adhesive to stick them to the wall.

Step 5 – Fill any gaps

Using Decorators Caulk fill any gaps where the MDF panels join or any gaps visible to the sides and then sand in readiness for painting. 

Step 6 – Painting

Be sure that all Decorators Caulk is dry and then get the wall ready for painting. Use a dust sheet for floor and choose your perfect shade.

We find that Moisture Resistant MDF provides the smoothest of paint finishes however with a good quality wood paint you should achieve a great finish on either MDF or Moisture Resistant MDF.

Once finished stand back and appreciate the high end, on trend yet affordable masterpiece you have created.

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